Code of Conduct

The aim of this code of conduct for ITI and Technical Education is to maintain the honour and dignity of ITI and Technical Education in general, to secure a spirit of friendly Co-operation between the All Members of the SPITIA:State Private ITI Association,Odisha and their Members in the promotion of highest standard Technical Education activities.

For the aforesaid objectives the members of SPITIA:State Private ITI Association,Odisha desire to adopt the following norms of conduct. (However, specific mention of the following norms of conduct / rules shall not be construed as conferring upon the members and / or the customers and / or the premise purchasers any legal right enabling them to enforce the same in Court of Law or otherwise).

If any member is found to violate the code, suitable action can be taken against him by the Association (even to the extent of his membership being discontinued) after a detailed enquiry by a select committee whose recommendations if endorsed by the Executive Committee, would lead to the termination of membership of the member.

Any such action taken by the Executive Committee shall be put into effect 30 days after communicating the decision to the member in writing by Registered Post at his address as per records of the Association. The member can appeal the decision of the Executive Committee to the General Body of the member association whose decision shall be final and binding. This appeal must be lodged within 30 days of the date of communication by the Executive Committee failing which the decision communicated shall be final and binding.

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