Election for the Office Bearers shall be held in every [two] three or five years of term. Every member shall be entitled to one vote exercisable in person and no person shall exercise more than one vote at elections and meeting except as proxy provided for in these articles. The vote of an individual member shall not be exercisable by his attorney. Associated members shall, however, be entitled to vote by proxy, but right shall only be exercisable at General Body meetings held for purpose of amending, adding, altering, or revising the Bye Law Memorandum and Articles of Association. No member of any category can (not) make vote of proxy for more than three members at one time.
Every question or resolution submitted before any General Body Meeting shall be decided in the first instance by way of [show of] raising hands. If a poll is demanded, before, or on the declaration of any result, at least five members present in person, along with the Chairman, it shall be taken up by the house for which a result has declared, subject to approval of all other members those are present in the house. Election of nominees from (our) Association to the General Body of other public bodies shall be governed by rules separately adopted, either by members is General Body Meeting or by the decision of Executive Committee, subject to (those Articles and to) the provisions of Memorandum of Association & Bye Laws & the restrictions, if any, enforced by the Government or by any public body concerned. No member is entitled to represent any Association or any public body after his membership of (from) the Association [is] has ceased. (For the purpose of) Election of any nominee from (our) association to any public body will be (is through an) through election by ballot, or by show off hands by the members or by the provisions (laws) of Societies Act.
The ballot box shall be kept in the registered office on such date and time as stipulated by the Committee, for election by members to cast their votes in person. Ballot by post under certificate of posting and by Proxy vote, all will remain valid, provided;

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