Today the 10th March 2016, in the presence of all Executive body members of SPITIA, the different issues were discussed and the following decisions were resolved.

1. That Regarding Own AITT Exam centre, for coming AITT July/ Aug 2016, we will meet the concerned officials, otherwise we will go to the Court of Law within 15 days.

2. That Regarding Diploma entrance waveout, and the minimum percentage as it is 35 %, we will proceed to the court to increase it to minimum 45 %.

3. That Regarding Implementation of Fee Structure, we will meet Commissioner Cum Secretary of Skill Development & Technical Education, Department , Govt of Odisha, to implement the fee structure in Odisha, with immediate effect, as since the DGE&T has clearly given instruction to our state secretaries/commissioner in 2014 to implement the fee structure, but it has been three years , the fee structure has not been implemented yet and if it is not materialized at his end, we will proceed to the Court of Law, within 15 days, For this purpose our President/ Secretary/ Vice-President/Joint Secretary may contact the minister of Concerned Department and try to contact Chief Minister’s office.

4. That we will prepare ourselves to close the QCI issues in proper court of law immediately, along with previous orders within 15 days, we will move to the High court. For this purpose Er. Milan Mohapatra is authorized to do the needful.

5. That we will take steps to stop the mushroom growth of ITIs for FITTER & ELECTRICIAN Trades at least for five years. A PIL may be filed regarding misuse of Govt. Money for unnecessary purpose by opening lots of new ITIs while Thousands of seats remain vacant in existing ITIs in Odisha.

6. That Regarding PNTCs, we will follow up with SCTE&VT officials for issue of PNTCs of 2013-15 Batch Trainees immediately. For this Mr Madhusudan Mahapatra & Mr Taraprasanna Satpathy Along with Er Milan Mohapatra are requested to follow up.

7. That Regarding Gradation, SPITIA will take all necessary steps to stop the gradation process and a letter may be sent, to DTE&T to fulfil the commitment of Govt of Odisha first, which they made at the time of opening of ITIs in different blocks by Private Management, in 2006-07 and a clarification will be begged from DTE&T regarding, what benefits, our ITI will get after Gradation, after which SPITIA will take necessary decision for gradation system.

8. That we will follow up with SCTE&VT for refund of centre charges of Rs.40/trainee and to ignify the process.

9. That we will follow up in New Delhi to implement, Small Skill Development Programmes through Private ITIs or we will go to the court of law to, put stay on the entire programme, conducted in the state through other organizations or NGOs.

10. That Regarding All India Federation of ITIs we are communicating through our SPITIA regarding, QCI and other issues as it was discussed by Zonal Secretatary, Berhampur. It was unanimously decided to make a DD of Rs 60000/-(Rupees sixty thousand) in favour of Federation of All India Private ITIs Association for registration and permanent Affiliation for Membership.

11. That to raise funds for SPITIA within two months, a SPITIA Sovenier will be published.

12. That, today, the budget of previous year was elaborately discussed by the executive body and it is provisionally passed and it will be given in SPITIA website, by next Executive body meeting, and a, 15 days time will be given to all members for their objections or opinions in this regard. If no objections or opinions will come from our members, then it will be treated as final.

13. That it is proposed and discussed that no Zonal Secretary will deduct the Zonal Contribution from the total collection and it will be divided and distributed to them through proper manner.

14. That in order to streamline the financial transactions of SPITIA, all the Zonal Secretaries are requested to handover all the money receipts along with all monetary transaction receipts to the Treasurer, in the next Executive Body Meeting positively. It was also decided and all Zonal Secretaries were requested to hand over all cash to the treasurer only and the treasurer will make the different payment to different persons as per the SPITIA rules.

15. That to facilitate the communication, all the Zonal Secretaries are requested to convey the important message to their Zonal members as soon as they get the message from the Central Office or any Executive body members.

16. That, it is decided unanimously that the next Executive Body Meeting will be held on 3rd of April 2016(Sunday).

17. It was decided to convey the list of all our newly elected, office bearers lists to DGE&T, DTE&T, SCTE&VT, and GOVT. of India and Govt of Odisha and Federation of All India Private ITIs Association within 15 days. Our General Secretary will take immediate step regarding this.

18. That it was decided to Print Visiting cards and letter pads, for all SPITIA office bearers and distribute it by next Executive body meeting.

19. That, to provide a budget amount of Rs 25000/- for travelling expenses, for life membership growth across the State, The Joint secretaries will assist respective zonal secretaries for this purpose.

20. That ,Updation of all informations regarding Membership ,all court orders, court cases, office bearers list and different resolutions and all important issues and plans of SPITIA should be done, in SPITIA website within 15 days. For this our General Secretary will take immediate & necessary steps.

21. That it is decided to purchase one Almirah, One Office table and Ten nos chairs for SPITIA office.

22. That The Executive body discussed about the day today affairs of the Private ITI sectors and unanimously decided to go to the court of Law for various issues which is purely urgent and unavoidable, so it is decided by all members present in the Executive body meeting to collect Rs 5000/- from each members to meet the cost of Legal Expenses. ALL Zonal Secretaries are requested to take immediate steps to collect the amount immediately and handover all the cash to the Treasurer in next Executive Body Meeting. All zonal secretaries who have already collected Rs 3000/- as per the previous information, are requested to collect another Rs 2000/- from those members who have already paid Rs 3000/- earlier.

These above issues were resolved and written in Resolution Book on Dt 10.03.2016 in presence of all Executive body members.

General Secretary, SPITIA

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